Getting Started

Get Started Now: It’s Quick and Easy

These quick videos will walk you through setting up your Qualcomm® Toq smartwatch so you can start enjoying the visibly different Qualcomm® MIrasol display.

  • Charging & Pairing

  • How to Use

  • Strap Fitting

  • Smartphone App

Quick Reference Guides

  • Get Started
    Quickly and easily get started by learning how to charge your Toq smartwatch, download the Qualcomm Toq app and pair the Toq smartwatch with your phone.
  • Use Your Smartwatch
    Walk through how to use your Toq smartwatch including browsing and personalizing applets and using the Home/Lock Touch Sensor, Clock Face Slider and Light Touch Sensor.
  • Customize the Strap
    Adjust your Toq smartwatch for the perfect fit.
  • Toq User Manual
    Detailed guide to setting up, using, customizing and troubleshooting your Qualcomm Toq smart watch.
  • Safety & Regulatory Instructions / Warranty / EULA
    Get the full list of Safety Instructions and Regulatory Information.